Reception, Management and Integration of Third Country Nationals

WELCOME is an EU funded project which aims to research and develop intelligent technologies for support of the reception and integration of migrants and refugees in Europe. WELCOME will offer a personalized and psychologically and socially competent solution for both migrants and refugees and public administrations. It will develop immersive and intelligent services, in which embodied intelligent multilingual agents will act as dedicated personalized assistants of migrants and refugees in contexts of registration, orientation, language teaching, civic education, and social and societal inclusion.

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25 Oct 2021

Nowadays Virtual Agents such as chatbots are used in a daily basis and we are used in a way to have them in our lives. The WELCOME project is using this technology to develop an Application that can help migrants and refugees to adapt better into their hosting society. But, how does this technology work and how can we use it to make the lives of migrants and refugees easier? This article explores how virtual agents can change the game in this field.

02 Sep 2021

Catalonia follows an inclusion-oriented model when it comes to the reception of immigrants, with the objective of protecting diversity and granting equal rights for everyone. To achieve this goal, the participation of migrants in the design of public policies is key and necessary. That is something that can be accomplished by the WELCOME Project, due to its methodology based on co-design and co-creation.

08 Jul 2021

Today there are numerous applications and online tools that facilitate learning a foreign language. However, we have to ask ourselves whether all these tools are suitable for the needs of immigrants and refugees or for all types of immigrants. As part of the WELCOME, a solution in virtual environment has being developed to support language learning, which is an innovation in the project.


How can WELCOME help me if…

I am a professional social worker

I am a migrant or refugee

I am member of a public administration or an NGO

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